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Impact of home foreclosure at FICO Ratings

Home foreclosure notice makes a great impact upon owners’ mental, financial and physical health.  Apart from this foreclosure acts as a negative booster that spoils the Fico ratings completely. FICO ratings determines the credit worthiness and it depicts how likely you are to pay back a loan on time. Once the stamp of foreclosure is posted to the credit report, person is left with nothing. It pulls down the credit score badly and its effect lasts for at least 7-8 years to the credit report. Presence of foreclosure in credit report is often reviewed as negative by the lenders and other financial institutions.

  • Home foreclosures make a long-term effect on your credit worthiness and make it difficult to obtain new credits at competitive rates.
  • Lenders are always in hunt of such individuals whose fico rating is poor. They take advantage of the situation and charge them with high interest rates on the loan they have applied for as they know person is needy and it would be difficult for them to arrange loan.
  • You might face difficulty in approving a loan or a credit card from the lender.
  • Your credit report may drop down by 200-300 points that mean if before foreclosure you score is 700 then it will be ranging between 400-500 post foreclosure. This drop reduces the chances of getting automobile loans, property loans, insurance and other loans.

This is untrue that once foreclosure reflected to your credit report can never let you stand financially for life time. It might be difficult to improve but it isn’t impossible. You can improve your Fico Ratings and rebuild your credit worthiness by taking control on your debts and clearing the payment history. The effect of foreclosure can diminish early if you take specific initiatives to improve the credit score. Try to take benefits of secured credit cards, stay active on all other monthly installments and debts, check the credit unions, take some time to apply for new debt and pay your previous as well as current bills on time.

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Improving FICO score- credit inquiry removal services

Having a good credit score is very relevant, especially for auto financing and home loans. However, sometimes you try on everything in your power to maintain a good score, but still your FICO score does not add up. Inquiries on your credit report may be one of the many reasons why your score ratings remain low, no matter how timely you are paying off your bills.

Here are the few tips using which you can remove inquiries from your credit.

Know the difference between soft and hard inquiry

After you have received the copy of your credit report, identify which inquires you should have removed.  Inquiries may have come from many different people for varying reasons.  So, therefore, you need to understand the difference between soft and hard inquiry.  Soft investigations do not damage your score, while hard inquiry does so.

The latter includes those from lenders and debt collectors who wish to peek in your payment history. Make sure such queries are always attached with your approval letter. Also, ask for the addresses of the lenders from the credit bureau as they will be used to follow up on removal requests.

Ask for documentation for hard inquires

Not all inquisitions have your permission, so therefore, ask for documentation.  If you are presented a paper with your signature, write to your lender and ask them to remove inquisition from the report.  The credit bureau considers all the investigations as personal and authorized. So, make sure there are no inquisitions made from your account without your permission.

Legal action

If the lender does not remove the investigation, within 30 days, and is not able to give you proper proof of authorization, you may take a legal action against them. If they fail to comply with rules, they can be fined thousand dollars.

If you fail to understand the intricacies of the procedure, you can seek professional help. There are many firms that offer credit inquiry removal services. You can locate such agencies online or in local directories. Make sure you choose a licensed, reputable and experienced firm to handle this issue. If handled well, your FICO score can swell up considerably.

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