Credit inquiries- how they influence your credit score

Whenever you apply for any credit, your lender or credit institute investigates your credit file or report. Whatever you have requested for either it is a credit card, auto loan, home loan or for any other purpose, your credit score is checked thoroughly. They have right to ask you list of questions as they have to clear their doubts regarding if there are pending, late payments or any bad records. Well, this can easily be analyzed by having a look at your credit file. Credit inquires are basically divided into two types, one is soft inquiry and other is hard inquiry. There is a big difference among both of these inquiries and this greatly affects your FICO credit score.

  • Soft inquiries:

This kind of inquiry just involves your background check process. Soft inquiries are never included in your credit score. So you don’t have to stress upon about these soft pull inquiries causing any negative impact to your Fico credit rating. Soft inquires can occur without your permission and these lenders can per-approve your loan or give instant loan for your purpose.

  • Hard inquiries:

Hard inquiries greatly count towards your credit score. This should be minimal if you want your credit rating does not go down. If you are applying for loans like car loans, student loans, mortgages, then lenders or financial institutions might make multiple hard inquiries. However if your hard inquires are more then it may lower your credit score for couple of years.

To score good credit ratings you must pay off your left balances, avoid making late installments; don’t collect too many credit cards and many more. If you are able to maintain your credit score and reports in a desired way then you may not receive any surprises especially when you are planning for large purchases or loans. Still if you unable to maintain your credit ratings and have higher credit inquiries, you don’t have to panic. Get in touch with 700 Fico Club; we specialize in providing credit inquiry removal services. Our financial advisers will not only help you remove bad inquiries but they also boost your credit score. Call us and make an appointment with our experts or email us in case of any queries. We at 700 Fico Club assures you to provide right solutions for your needs.