The 700 Fico Club prides itself on our years of expertise and seasoned financial consultants working to help you acquire the credit image you need in order to achieve your financial dreams and live your life to the fullest. Take a look at what our clients are saying about The 700 Fico Club!

Credit Restoration

​Nikki H., Los Angeles CA

​I have spent years searching through companies to help improve my credit & they continued to not deliver! The 700 Club is definitely a miracle worker & got my entire credit report wiped clean! Allowing me a fresh start to now start looking financing options for my business. Thanks 700 Fico Club.

DANNY R., Sherman Oaks CA
Within just a few months, I was able to move from an apartment to a huge 3 bedroom / 2 bath house...

DWAYNE S., Beverly Hills, CA

My credit boosted very rapidly from the 500's to the high 600's...