Who We Are

The 700 Fico Club puts experience to work for you! We specialize in erasing BAD CREDIT from all three of the major credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax and Transunion. We obtain this goal through a honest and ethical procedure. We place pride at the forefront of our work and look for excellence out of each of our employees. Do not hesitate to not do anything about your credit problems, place The 700 Fico Club on your side today.

All of our clients are protected under the (FCRA) Fair credit reporting Act and (FDCPA) Fair debt collection practices act. We simply make sure that these laws are duly performed to the extent of the law. Our aggressive hands on approach to having inaccurate and unverifiable information deleted to all member…

Our commitment is to help enhance your life by enhancing your credit score. Having a higher credit score leads to many benefits. Homeownership, Acceptance from various loan lenders and needed cash during times of economic hardship are just to name a few. Rather it be for the above mentioned or not, it simply makes life more enjoyable. Your financial life style has led you to debt. Now allow Gateway to lead you to a road of recovery through positive reporting from ALL 3 Major Credit Bureuas.

Our Services Include:

Ordering your credit file

Complete and Full Credit Support Team

Create and develop an Effective Dispute Campaign

Send No contact letters to problem creditors