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Which is the best AI chatbot for a WordPress website?

best chatbot for wordpress

With just a few clicks on their website, you can have your very own chatbot up and running, ready to add to your webpage. They even have a free tutorial on how to set up your Chatbot, and how to build your Chatbot strategy. At the moment, natural language processing, or NLP, is at the forefront of chatbot technology.

  • This is great for the future not limiting your business to just Facebook Messenger.
  • There are many WhatsApp chat widgets in the world of WordPress, but they generally require you to install yet another plugin that will impact your site load speed and potentially your website security.
  • Users can also customize conversations to match different pages across their platform.
  • In addition, it is compatible with major eCommerce platforms, such as BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Ecwid.

Their instant page-messaging feature grabs the attention of visitors viewing your site, turning them into potential customers. Learn more about how 93digital can build and optimise your website here or reach out to us here to chat with Graham directly. A site using a headless CMS liberates you from this dilemma, optimising performance and flexibility. By decoupling the front and the back end, the page content and assets are pre-rendered and packaged within the front end environment, greatly improving page performance. Users should be able to get to the information they need quickly, whether that’s a service, resource, or contact info.

$3,600 per annum $300 per month

You can use your bot to increase sales, to qualify leads, or to provide answers to frequently asked questions. Xatkit is a nice and simple add-on for creating interactive FAQs for online shoppers. And answering questions through a bot gives your users a much better customer experience than contacting a traditional customer support team .

You may have looked into free chatbots for WordPress, but if you want what’s best for your business, Chatbot offers features that make it worth the monthly cost. For more information and a free trial download, you can visit the Chatbot website at or by clicking here. Additionally, chatbots can provide immediate support and assistance to your visitors, increasing the chances of a successful conversion. By addressing your visitors’ concerns and questions in real-time, chatbots can help build trust and confidence in your brand, leading to increased sales and revenue. Moreover, chatbots can provide consistent and reliable responses to your visitors’ inquiries, reducing the risk of human error or inconsistency. By providing accurate and timely information, chatbots can improve your brand’s reputation and trustworthiness, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.

What to Look For in a WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Bespoke mix of button and free-form inputs, with decision trees and advanced flow logic. In the goldmine of customer interaction, queries best chatbot for wordpress are the nuggets of wisdom. It’s like having a super-powered sidekick, trained on your data and documentation, ready to save the day.

In HubSpot, conversations are automatically saved and logged in the conversation inbox and timeline, so your team can view how conversations were carried out. Chatbots can also be used to book appointments and meetings, answer support questions, and qualify leads. “Smarty,” Smartsupp’s chatbot is widely used in Europe and supports conversation in seven different languages.

Can you add LiveChat to WordPress?

Click on “Add New” and search for “LiveChat”. Activate the live chat plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress. Click the LiveChat menu on the left. Create a new account or sign in if you already have a LiveChat account.

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